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Writer at Work

Just another quotation

Posted by blck_phnx on 2011.02.21 at 13:17
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"It seems to me that literary composition is like love. When one has begun to write something of one's own, it doesn't matter how disgusted one may become, one returns to the ink-pot like a drunkard to his cups."        ---Miss Armstrong in "Miss Armstrong's Circumstances" by  R.B. Cunninghame Graham found in The Oxford Book of Scottish Short Stories

Writer at Work

I do my best thinking with pen(cil) in hand.

Posted by blck_phnx on 2010.03.23 at 21:24
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Anybody got another way to say: "a weight lifted off one's shoulders" (or something similar) in only one word?

Writer at Work

Depressing moods yield decent inspiration...sometimes.

Posted by blck_phnx on 2009.02.25 at 17:48
Current Location: library computer lab
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Current Inspiration: my anime playlist on my flashdrive
I think I'm the only one that posts anything here lately... Got another poem, if anyone's around and bored. I wrote it a bit ago...but I looked at it today and switched a few things. Rhyme scheme's different than my usual (other than "none" haha...) since it's 1&3 instead of 2&4. Especially odd since it ends on the rhyme, so it's unevenly numbered... I just added that last line, since it seemed to fit. I only used that title because...I'm not sure. I guess it matches my username here. ^_^;; Ah, well.

Phoenix Grounded

Soaring high, wings spread wide…

Wind unexpectedly dies.

Crash, burn, falling into the merciless tide.

Waves smash, then withdraw.

On the beach, all hope died.

Wings broken, eternally clipped;

Alone, abandoned even by that uncontrollable ride.

Memories imagined will never be made.

Yet, I will keep the tears inside.

Eventually, wings may mend;

Though, they’ll never spread as wide.

Amidst the stones forced to stay.

Dreams denied.

Writer at Work

just more homework avoidance...

Posted by blck_phnx on 2008.11.04 at 20:19
Current Location: library computer lab
Personal Tone: sickill
Current Inspiration: creaking chairs and tapping keyboards

Three quotations by Maxine Hong Kingston that I thought were nice... (I'm currently avoiding writing my paper on this woman...)

“I feel that everyone has a blurred area, which is a border between their imagination and what actually happens”

“Most literary forms are not artificial. They reflect the patterns of the human heart.”

“Language is important to our sanity. You have to be able to tell your story, you have to be able to make up stories or you go mad

Writer at Work

proof of my (un)productive attempt at homework

Posted by blck_phnx on 2008.09.19 at 18:06
Current Location: dorm room
Personal Tone: sleepytired, in pain, & vaguely sad
Current Inspiration: my own for once!!! For Eamonn (Nightnoise)
*shock* I wrote a poem...how long has it been since I did THAT?

Hiya, all. Just thought I'd share my sudden little blip of poetry. I wrote it one way, then decided I'd try my hand again at rhythm/rhyme, which I usually don't try much for. They're really both the same, just worded a bit differently in some spots. I'll share both!

first version:

Staring at the blank screen,
Thoughts running through my head.
Ghost-like, every time I try to catch one,
It disintegrates in the air.
Staring does nothing
the mind wanders
concentration shatters
resolve shrivels,
the cycle begins once more.

second version:

Without a Muse <----(title I tacked on very quickly on my way out of the library after I wrote this version)

Staring at the blank screen,
In my mind all thoughts stream.
Ghosts dissolving quickly
if I bring them to me.
Thoughts begin to wander,
Concentration shatters,
shrivelling resolve dies
On this path, my soul cries.

This came to me after I gave up staring at my paper and project proposal I was trying to work on in the computer lab in the basement of the library, so I went upstairs and found a quiet corner to scrawl it out.

Posted by morganlafey28 on 2008.06.01 at 23:50
 Hi to all!
I am not a native speaker of English, and i have recently had an argument about the following expression in English: "easy-easy" or "easy easy". Can anybody tell me the meaning of it?
Thank you


Please proofread these sentences

Posted by morganlafey28 on 2008.04.29 at 10:19
Hi guys! I am not a native speaker and really need your help! I need to proofread these ten sentences, thank you!
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Writer at Work

a poem...and a rather lousy one at that

Posted by blck_phnx on 2007.06.29 at 15:21
Current Location: home...
Personal Tone: blahblah
Current Inspiration: soon will be Blackmore's Night
The following is a poem I submitted to a poetry contest earlier...sometime during the school year, in the early hours of the morning when everything makes sense and the idiocy of my action didn't hit home until sometime that evening.
I wrote it my senior year (so...year before last, I guess, since it's now summer) while I was sitting in the library immediately after my Creative Writing class, where we'd been discussing alliteration. I was just playing with alliteration when I wrote it, and I haven't touched it since. I also started out trying to rhyme every other line, but abandoned that as I just couldn't make it work. Lots of cliche lines, but...*shrugs* they probably won't get fixed any time soon......if ever. Read if you wish, if not, don't. (Obviously) I do like the ending, though. That's my favorite line(s)...


Winds wail mournfully,
a ghost lost in the mist.
Fog swirls and billows,
stirred by a giant’s fist.
Lights flare and fade,
wandering souls claimed by the void.
Far off,
a predator growls,
unseen hunter of the night.
Somewhere ahead,
water trickles and gurgles,
feeding the squishy flesh of the swamp.
Dried ferns rustle restlessly,
gnawed to bones by bog rats.
Below the surface lay the dead,
horror frozen on their features.
The chill marsh waters
immortally preserving nightmare’s past.



Posted by garowyn on 2007.06.19 at 18:04
Is it all right to switch POVs of characters (I wouldn't go overboard, though), say two characters? In some of the books I've read, they start a new chapter if it's the POV of someone other than the main character.

Now, I just want to make it clearer: what are the good and bad things about using POV (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc), in your own words.




The Passive Voice

Posted by tawnykit on 2007.04.27 at 19:45
Current Location: my room
Personal Tone: busybusy
Current Inspiration: Evanescence: Field of Innocence
As it just so happens, I like the passive voice.

It would appear, however, that many other people don't. My English teacher forever frowns upon it, and I've heard other people dismiss it, as well.

And, in certain circumstances, I even agree with them. For example, if you're writing an action sequence -- say, a fight -- keeping your descriptions in the active voice makes for a livelier, more interesting scene than the passive voice would.

ACTIVE: The club struck her over the head, and darkness enfolded her vision as she fell to the ground.
PASSIVE: She was struck over the head by the club, and her vision was enfolded by darkness as she fell to the ground.

But still. I really, really like the passive voice, and I know that there are some instances in which it's okay -- or even better -- to use passive instead of active.

I don't, however, know what those instances are. If anyone would care to explain to me the merits of one over the other, and in what situation it's best to use which voice, I would greatly appreciate it.

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