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This community is for those looking for any sort of writing tips--grammar, style, flow, creativity, and more. Whether writing is an experiment to you, an interest, a hobby, or a career, this community attempts to help you wherever you are. If you're extremely weary of seeing grammatically incorrect emails or signs, rant here. If you have a paper you're writing and want some input, post away! Discuss your story/poetry ideas if you wish, post clips, find reactions, ask questions, discuss publication, rave about some good writing you've read, and moan about writer's block.

When someone posts something, it's polite to read it and comment. That's part of what this site is about. And if you don't feel you can say much on it, try anyway. That's how one learns and improves. You can always make a post asking for tips on how better to comment. =)

Two Rules:
-if the excerpt you're posting is long (over 30 lines or so), please lj-cut it.

-while flaming someone illustrates a point, more mature ways to encourage changes exist. Please use your creativity and writing skills to suggest improvements beyond blatantly criticizing.

"Dwanks" is the term (like "nerd," "dork," and "geek") assigned for those so enamored of English-type pursuits (reading, writing, literary history, grammar, etc). We're working to add the word to the dictionary, while at the same time, we adhere to grammatical rules except when it benefits us not to. ;)

Disclaimer: this is a community made of humans, not robots or your pet dog, so mistakes or ignorance may occur. I will only delete entries for a major reason; if there's merely a difference of opinion, the entries will remain.